Sometimes people say that life begins at forty! That’s when my interest for dolls began for me.
I came trough an exhibition in Ahoy Rotterdam in contact with Tiny Pluck, where I made my first character doll. Since then my interest for dolls never stopped.
I admired the baby dolls of Ilza dos Santos too. That’s why I took a course and that’s when I started manufacturing babydolls.
My baby dolls are all handmade unique pieces of work. The small head, hands and feet are handmade from Modelene, that’s a modeling clay that is baked in the oven at 100 degrees. I use crystal eyes and mohair for the hair. The bodies are made of fabric and stuffed with granulate and cottonbuds, so it will be a soft touchable body. The babies are different of height: the biggest wear size 50 and the smallest wear size 44. For the bundle babies I make the cloths myself.
In the neck of each baby stand my initials JS and every baby has an own certificate.
I hope you will have a lot of pleasure visiting my website and when you are interested in one of my dolls you can contact me through this site or by phone.

I hope you enjoy viewing this site and if you are interested in one of my babies, you can contact my or